Our Honey

Tuckamore Bee Company is a supplier of honey in the Guelph and Hamilton areas. Our bees forage locally to produce a fruit blossom and wildflower honey. Bee yards (groups of up to 25 colonies) are located in orchards and on farms.

Tuckamore Honey in Jars

We supply:

Liquid Honey

Honey is liquid when it is harvested from the hive. Over time, liquid honey will naturally crystallize. To liquefy, heat slowly.

Raw Honey

Crystallized honey. This honey has had the least amount of processing and can be considered honey in its most natural state.

Churned Honey

Made from a mix of liquid and raw honey. Churned honey is smooth and creamy. Amazing on toast or straight off a spoon!

Tuckamore Honey is available at the following locations:

***Royal City Brewing Company uses Tuckamore Honey in their Smoked Honey Beer***